• As the first head of Lucton Kindergarten Shanghai, I feel very privileged to continue the long educational tradition of Lucton School UK here in Shanghai. We are fortunate to be able to start with a new, custom designed Kindergarten in a very safe environment with excellent garden and recreational facilities.

    We are fortunate that we have a curriculum specially designed for us to prepare children for entry to the best primary schools in Shanghai. We will be keeping in close contact with the schools our children are likely to move to, in order to ensure that passage to the next stage of education is as smooth as possible.

    I look forward to working with you to provide the best possible future for your children.

  • The opening of Lucton Kindergarten in Shanghai gives me great pleasure. For over 300 years, at its historic site in England, Lucton School has provided excellent education for children up to the age of 18 in preparation for places at top Universities.

    Since the UK government introduced the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum 30 years ago, the Lucton Nursery has offered education to children from 6 months upwards. The Lucton Kindergarten Shanghai curriculum mirrors that delivered by the Lucton Nursery.

    I very much hope you, as parents, will enjoy and be satisfied with Lucton Kindergarten Shanghai and I am certain that your children will reap the benefits of an 'outstanding' early education.

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  • Philosophy

    Bring out the best from every child.

  • Our Values

    We place considerable importance on self-discipline and the development of self-confidence and responsibility.

  • Mission and Vision

    give children two gifts

    root:resilience, self-control and generosity

    wings: independence, pursuing excellence and originality.