Lucton School UK

Lucton School was founded in 1708 by John Pierrepont, who had made his fortune in London as a vintner (wine merchant). He was unmarried and originally from Herefordshire, close to the village of Lucton, so he decided to start a school for the benefit of local boys. He bought land from his friend Sir Hubert Croft of nearby Croft Castle and used his fortune to build the main house at Lucton. The running of the school was paid for by rent form land he owned in the area.

John Pierrepont also helped fund one of London's most famous hospitals, St Bartholomew's, but died in 1711, just 3 years after Lucton opened.

Lucton Kindergarten SH

Lucton School is located in the renowned estate "Gubei Metropolitan Garden Estate" and occupies 2,310 square metres of land. The exterior of the building is in the classic Art Deco style and is decorated with granite. The rockwool layer provides excellent insulation and keeps the kindergarten at an appropriate temperature throughout the year. The green space in front of the main building is full of sports facilities and is separated into different areas, such as the animal feeding zone, the plantation zone, the sand zone etc. This is designed to provide our children with easy access to nature in this modern city.

Our kindergarten has two or more classes for each year group and adopts a small-class teaching system. The staff to pupil ratio is optimised to ensure the best learning experience. The campus is safe, comfortable and well equipped. Each class has access to the multi-function hall, as well as the kitchen, the library and the playrooms. We also formed a strategic partnership with the nearby "Metropolitan Sports Club" which gives our pupils all-day access to all facilities at the club, including the indoor swimming pool.

Our kindergarten is professionally designed and constructed to create a superb learning space. The latest air control technology is used to monitor and adjust the temperature, moisture, oxygen level and sound level. This technology helps us to establish an environment with clean air, no pollution and zero smog.