Outdoor play
Younger children, in particular benefit from an outdoor play area which is an exciting, innovative design incorporating different surfaces, slopes and gradients together with traditional outdoor facilities such as climbing frames and tunnels. Children benefit tremendously from the opportunity to play safely in a purpose built environment in the centre of one of the world's biggest cities. Ride-on toys, playground games, miniature houses and a digging and planting area encourage children to practice their motor skills through running, jumping, crawling and to develop a sense of freedom.
Mindfulness practice

According to an article by Harvard Medical Publishing, deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange — where there is an exchange of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. This process can slow the heartbeat and lower, or stabilize blood pressure. By providing a relaxation response to stressful situations, the body experiences a state of profound rest resulting in better sleep pattern, greater concentration, better appetite and assistance in coping with any stressful situations. So healthy mind and healthy body.

As part of our daily practice, our children and staff participate in a relaxation session before story time.  Whilst listening to gentle music, the children are encouraged to become aware of their breath and breathe deeply to enable their mind, the muscles and the bones in their body to relax.  They are then asked to reflect on their day on how they have been kind to others, how they enjoyed various activities and the reason for it.

Engaging in baby yoga during the Physical Education lesson, the children also practice their deep breathing and learn how to use gentle stretches which stablilizes the blood flow, calmness in the body and mind.