In 2008, His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, visited Lucton School to celebrate its tercentenary (300 years).  This celebration was a great event and Lucton was fortunate that His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, the Duke of Wessex, spent time at various parts of Lucton School including opening the new swimming pool which bears his name "The Prince Edward Swimming Pool".

Luctonians over the years have gone into a huge variety of occupations.

Notable alumni include :
  • Eustace Jotham(1883-1915)
    who was awarded the Victoria Cross (the highest award for bravery in England)
  • Sir Charles Irving(1924-1995)
    Who served as a Conservative Member of Parliament for 18 years.
  • Thane Bethany(b.1936)
    Who performed for the Royal Ballet and the Royal Shakespeare Company.
  • Jan Pienkowski(b.1936)
    Who escaped from Poland, attended Cambridge University after Lucton and became one of the UK's; most famous illustrators.
  • Graham Baker(b.1952)
    who is the founder and owner of one of Britain and the UK's biggest pet foods, Butcher's.
  • William Chase(b.1965) 
    who is an entrepreneur specialising in food products sold at Fortnum and Masons and Harrods, founder of the Tyrells Crisps brand and owner of the world-wide brand, Chase Distillery.