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Choose Lucton, Choose a Unique Intellectual Growth Path
Jun 30 , 2017

For more than 300 years, Lucton has gone through a lot. She experienced the joy of the school building period and the bottleneck in transition, but fortunately through the entire school teachers and students' collaboration, Lucton school has been constantly optimized and infinitely developed and has produced countless alumni who have made the school and students proud.


So with this, we answered the question at the beginning.

The best way to make a prestigious university truly proud is her teaching achievements.

The achievement of alumni is the most intuitive embodiment of teaching results.


Lucton School's gleaming alumni record:

For more than 300 years, alumni from Lucton School have been around the world, working in different professions, and a large proportion of alumni climbing the career ladder in their industry. Every year, a number of alumni return Lucton School in different ways.

Today, we are going to introduce a distinguished alumnus for you

Jan Michał Pieńkowski----An illustrator from Lucton

Jan Michał Pieńkowski is an author of children's books—as illustrator, as writer, and as designer of movable books. He attended the Lucton School in 1946. During the school life, he showed his extraordinary talent for painting and design.

In his subsequent life, he was twice nominated for the international Hans Christian Andersen Award (which is the highest recognition of children's book creators).

After this, he won the annual Kate Greenaway Medal because of The Kingdom Under the Sea and other stories (Jonathan Cape), eleven "fairy tales from Eastern Europe and Russia" retold by Aiken.

Pieńkowski is probably best known for illustrating the Meg and Mog books written by Helen Nicoll, and for his pop-up books including Haunted House, Robot, Dinner Time, Good Night and 17 others. Haunted House (Heinemann, 1979) earned Pieńkowski his second Greenaway Medal (no one has won three). The 'Haunted House' was first published in 1979, and has sold 1,083,366 copies, in 13 languages, to nearly 30 countries around the world.

Besides this, Pieńkowski has had a lifelong interest in stage design. He was commissioned to provide designs for Theatre de Complicite, Beauty and the Beast for the Royal Ballet, and Sleeping Beauty atDisneyland Paris.

There are countless outstanding students from Lucton School, for example:


Eustace Jotham (1883 – 1915) a soldier who was awarded the Victoria Cross (the highest award for bravery);

Sir Charles Irving (1924 – 1995) who served as a Conservative Member of Parliament for 18 years;

Thane Bettany (b. 1936) who performed for the Royal Ballet and the Royal Shakespeare Company;

William Chase (b. 1965) who is the founder of Tyrrells Crisps; an entrepreneur specializing in food products sold at Fortnum and Mason and Harrods.

Choosing better education

makes them become better people.

Nowadays, Lucton Kindergarten has landed in Shanghai.

It's time to make a correct choice for your children.

July 7th and 9th,

a unique English experience activity would be held for you, and Lucton will bring your child to

enjoy the pure English education.

Date: July 7th & July 9th  Time: 9AM


  No. 1116 Hongsong East Road—Hongqiao Yuanyi Hilton Hotel


The headmistress will introduce Lucton teaching philosophy and special curriculum.

Foreign teachers would interact with kids on the spot to restore the British education.

There are four playing facilities on the scene, allowing children to completely unleash their instincts.

We will try our best to

bring out the best of each child.

If you want to participate, please click 'Reading article'.