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Lucton-Inherit Over 300 Years of British Education
Jun 23 , 2017

She was founded in a small town of England, has experienced more than 300 years of baptism. She's always adhering to the education spirit of "resilience, optimism, confidence"; aims to build a better future for every student who graduated from here.


She is


She is


Now, Lucton brings her 300 years of pure British education experience to Shanghai; injecting new power into enlightenment education of Shanghai.

We always say that Rome was not built in a day.

So how are this excellent education system

and teaching atmosphere developed?

Time fell back to 1706 in London; it was during the reign of Queen Anne. One wine merchant changed the pattern of education. He was the founder of Lucton School-John Pierrepont.


The Pierrepont family has been a prominent figure for generations. John devoted his life to his beloved education career. At the same time, he was also concerned about the people's livelihood and devoted to charity.


John set up Lucton School in the village of Lucton where he was born, and the school opened on Monday, January 8, 1711.The School was set up to be an orthodox Grammar School, accepting the children from nine parishes in North Herefordshire.


Later in the education career, Lucton School faced numerous difficulties and obstacles, but the school and the incumbent President were always adhering to the John's mind and education concept, creating diverse teaching mode for school, making teaching carried out more smoothly, encouraging students to learn, to enjoy the fun of knowledge to become a better person.



For the past 300 years, Lucton school has cultivated countless talents, and the campus spirit has a persistent belief, which is a continuous and not extinguishing spirit. Perhaps the outer walls of the building will be broken, and perhaps the wood will be burned or corroded, but this spirit will never disappear. This spirit helps Lucton experience difficulties and challenges during the long history, which shines through Lucton's success, victory and glory.


Now, Lucton has come to Shanghai with this spirit. In here, she hopes to provide a good education environment and teaching course for children in Shanghai through the pure British education, make domestic children experience her more than 300 years of British teaching atmosphere and unique education mode in enlightenment education stage, this would be a lifetime benefit for children.