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Lucton Kindergarten Is Coming!
Jun 19 , 2017

In this "knowledge first" era, more and more parents are paying attention to the quality of education. This quality is not only reflected in the improvement of children's academic performance, but also strengthens children's character formation and interest cultivation.


The growing demand from parents for education makes us think that:

What kind of modern education

will satisfy the new era?

I think it's probably a school with these:


An education mode based on children's aptitude.

An education philosophy helps children express themselves.

An accompanying teaching environment.

An interactive education method.

It would be better to combine the advantages of Eastern and Western education.

Build a strong foundation for children to study abroad in the future.

So lucky,

your dreamed school has appeared!


Lucton Kindergarten UK has come to China!

Lucton School UK was founded in 1708. For over 300 years, it has provided excellent education for children in preparation for getting places at global top universities.

Nowadays, Lucton Kindergarten Shanghai brings long-history traditional education of Lucton UK to Shanghai, China.

Our campus is located in the renowned estate”Gubei Metropolitan Garden “and occupies 2310 square meters of land. The Lucton Kindergarten Shanghai curriculum has been written specifically for use in China. The curriculum is delivered in English for 75% of the time with 25% in Chinese for delivery of Chinese Culture and Language. We offer Garden School sessions. All aspects of the curriculum can be taught outside, triggering the imagination and bringing subjects to life in such a way as to stimulate senses and build firm foundations for future teaching.

Our Philosophy



Bring out the best from every child

Our Mission



resilience, self-control, generosity

Our Vision



independence, pursuing excellence, originality


Let's welcome Lucton's coming!

In the near future,

Lucton will lead countless families to open a new chapter in the British education!