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The British delegation bring new energy for Lucton Kindergarten
Nov 03 , 2017

Recently, Lucton British school lead teachers came to Lucton Kindergarten SH, and conducted a week-long academic training. What kind of new teaching approach did the British teachers bring to the teaching team of Lucton Kindergarten? Let me take you to review the highlights of the training week!


1Focus on cultivating children's self-confidence and social relationship

Through a number of fun and educational activities, the teachers will guide the children to make friends and bond with the adults around them which help them to build on their self-confidence and social skills. Young children establish their friendship through a variety of ways, such as listening and talking to each other, sharing ideas for play, playing together by sharing and taking turns and at the same time through having a conflict and perhaps a cry, because they want the same object of play as their friend. In this process, children develop their social skills gradually and learn rules of effective play. Children will adapt to the new environment of our kindergarten well as they learn through play and communication. 


2How to observe children and plan for their development

Through observing children’s behavior and identifying children’s interests, the teachers will plan suitable activities in accordance to the themes and topics.  When observing children’s behavior and play, the teachers will assess the stage that the children are working at and through appropriate planning they set goals for the children to move up to the next stage of their development.  


3Children understand the world by being an active learner

Lucton British school applies a world known teaching approach called “Forest school teaching”. The purpose of this educational approach is to let the children feel, discover, explore, investigate and make sense of the natural world around them. The children enhance the enthusiasm of active learning through interaction with nature.


4Children’s Learning Journal

During daily activities, the teachers will take regular photographs which will be shared with parents and also will be used as part of the assessment process to demonstrate the development of each child.  This will be a wonderful keepsake that we are sure parents will treasure for a long time. 



Lucton British school has been applying the EYFS curriculum since it was introduced by UK government many years ago. The EYFS curriculum is a combination of many successful world wide educational philosophies such as Montessori, Steiner, Regio Emilio, Piageot and Forest school.  This is now arrived in Lucton kindergarten and we are proud to deliver this curriculum to the children. 


Lucton British school has brought a valuable training to our staff at Lucton Kindergarten. This will not only enhance the level of teaching at our kindergarten but it will enhance the learning experiences of the children in the future. We cherish the opportunity of this training, and strive to combine the EYFS curriculum with the Shanghai preschool education curriculum, refining the more suitable teaching model for the pupils of Lucton Kindergarten.

At Lucton Kindergarten we are passionate about training and continuous professional development of our staff, as a result; our staff will continue to receive continuous training both inhouse training and training from Lucton British lead teachers.