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Magic of Luctonians
Dec 19 , 2018

The moon illuminates cold winter nights
Santa delivers surprise gifts
December 19th
We will see the baby's brightest smile in Lucton
With singing and dancing to show their lovely

Dream come from here

Parents are the most loyal fans of the baby, they always give company and witness their growth. This Christmas Party, we sincerely invited parents to come to share happiness with the children!
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Holding an oil-paper umbrella, wearing gauze clothes, accompanied by classical songs, the graceful dancing of the Chinese teachers enjoy the interpretation of Chinese culture.

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The kids from Teletubbies class are supposed to be the cutest snowmen in this winter. They are so cute and spread happiness to us.

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The kids from Paddington class brought us a dance. They swang along with the dynamic music while not forgetting to change the formation.

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The left hand represents direction and the right hand represents hope. We stuck together through the difficulties. The kids from Thomas class infected the studio with sunlight.

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What happens when Santa got stuck up the chimney? Have you ever been cute to the performance of the babies?

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Babies from Winnie class are handsome and beautiful and they took a happy dance for us.

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The little red nosed reindeers from Thomas class couldn't stop hopping around and enjoy it.

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Shaun class-Good night cat
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How can Christmas be without Merry Christmas songs? Ms. Grace presented the classic Spanish Christmas song Feliz Navidad to us.Amazing! 

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Finally, Santa Claus continued to bring happiness to us. We took pictures as souvenirs. Children are the freest angels.Your performance were wonderful. We also thank all the parents, teachers, photographers and all the staff behind the scenes for your effort.May the glow of Christmas fill your heart and bring sunshine and pleasure to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!