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Applicant Details | 申请人个人信息(幼儿)

How did you learn about lucton? 您是怎样知道Lucton? *

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What is your main reason for choosing Lucton Kindergarten? 家长选择Lucton的主要原因?*

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Special Requirements / 特别要求

Please answer the following health-related questions as accurately as possible. 请尽可能准确地回答以下问题。

Does the applicant have any serious health conditions of which we should be aware, including food and/or medical allergy?

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    Please specify and explain clearly any measures we need to take. (either precautionary or in the event of a medical situation or emergency)

    Does the applicant have any special educational needs or behavioural issues?

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    Parental Agreement

    In signing this application, I agree to abide by the admissions procedures of Lucton Kindergarten Shanghai.

    I certify that the information given on this form is full and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that, if I fail to provide accurate details of important information about the applicant, Lucton Kindergarten reserves the right to restrict entry into or withdraw the applicant’s place from the school.

    我签署该申请表,我同意遵守Lucton kindergarten的入学程序。

    本人确认该申请表中信息完整准确。如本人未准确提供申请人的重要信息,Lucton kindergarten有权限制入学或退学。

     I agree. | 我同意。
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